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A Static-Site-Generator for JavaScript Developers

Abell is a low-level, highly flexible, framework-agnostic, Vite-powered Static-Site-Generator for building fast and zero-js by default websites

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npx create-abell

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Use this Starter

Create new project locally with:
npx create-abell my-app --template abelljs/abell-starter-minima


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Start Projects with Zero Configurations

Don't like a lot of boilerplate and configurations? Start with just 1 file with Abell πŸŽ‰

  1. npm install --save-dev abell@next
  2. Create index.abell on root
  3. npx abell dev and your dev-server will start running πŸ₯³

Learn More about Single File Setup at Getting Started

Override the Router with your own logic

Opt out of the default file-system routing with makeRoutes API

Learn More about makeRoutes API at Custom Routing Guide

It's all just ViteVite Logo

Abell is built with a very little abstraction on top of Vite so it supports almost all Vite plugins. There is no abell.config.ts, we just use vite.config.ts πŸ€—

Learn More about Vite Plugins at Plugins & Integrations Guide

GitHub Contributors

... And many more who contributed with Issues, Ideas, Feedback, and Support 🫢🏼