Plugins & Integrations

"How do I use Abell with ...?" This page will help you out!

Abell's low-level API and internally using Vite as a bundler, helps it integrate with other super cool tools in the ecosystem.

With Vite Plugins

One way to use something with Abell is to find a Vite Plugin to do that.

Lets say you want to import markdown files in your abell project. You can use vite-plugin-md-to-html or any markdown to html plugin of your choice.

With MDX

Fun fact: This page that you're reading is being rendered from mdx. Similar to above example of markdown, It uses vite-plugin-jsx-to-html plugin in combination with rollup's official (vite compatible) @mdx-js/rollup plugin.

You can copy-paste this configuration and install plugins to start importing mdx files in your project.

npm i --save-dev vite-plugin-jsx-to-html @mdx-js/rollup
// vite.config.ts
import { defineConfig } from 'abell';

export default defineConfig({
  plugins: [
    mdx(), // Turns MDX to React Component (JSX)
    vitePluginJSXToHTML({ extensions: ['.mdx'] }) // Turns JSX to HTML

With Frameworks

You can use combination of vite plugins and curly braces of Abell {{ }} to render your favorite framework on build-time.

You will find integration with most frameworks in abelljs/integrations repository